Travel on the fly…

DON’T DO IT! My greatest words of wisdom: just don’t do it. At least, I can’t do it. Too much stress, too much disorganization, too much frustration – I can’t keep the mania under control in this situation. My husband swears I always have one “meltdown” while getting ready to travel, and after it’s over, I am able to calmly pack and get ready. It was more than one this time. And the packing was still a disaster. “We can do it in the morning, we need sleep tonight.” Not only did we not get sleep, but it took us 4 hours to pack for a 3 day trip. Even then, when I got to the hotel, I discovered that I had forgotten to pack underwear. The rest of the weekend didn’t go much better. The air conditioning in the car went out so we were both hot, tired, and cranky the entire trip. I’m even feeling anxious just remembering it. Oh, and I forgot to pack my Klonopin. If I had packed it, everything probably would have gone much smoother.

I’m too tired to go into any more detail tonight. I meant to write this over the weekend, but I got distracted watching television. Isn’t that always the case when we don’t want to deal with something? We allow ourselves to be distracted. Of course, a little mania helps too… oh, look at the shiny thing…


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