What to call today’s post?

I don’t know what to call today’s blog.  I haven’t written in a few days.  Too many things and yet nothing is going on.  As usual.  And still I have not done anything.  Where does the time go?

Thursday night we went to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2 movie premiere.  It was quite a phenomenon.  I was part of it.   Me, in a green velveteen dress, dragon necklace, and robes with a Gryffindor patch, a small part of the phenomenon.  I am glad that we did the two part double feature midnight showing. (Part 1 started at 9pm, part 2 at midnight.)  It is odd – it’s like the end of an era.  The end to a series of books and movies that have defined an entire generation and may define many more.

Naturally, since we did not get home until 4:00 AM and I did not fall asleep until 5:30 AM, Friday was quite a waste.  We tried to take a quick trip on Friday (despite my earlier warnings) but DH’s back and other minor problems made us abort it at the last moment.  Surprisingly, I did not freak out during the rush packing phase.  I don’t know whether to consider that progress or coincidence.  Since we were so tired, I ended up taking a haphazard nap.  Unfortunately, that means that I did not fall asleep until 2:00 AM Friday night.  I know I keep shortchanging myself on sleep, and that is the worst thing I can do for my bipolar, but I don’t seem to be able to help it.  I have an 8:00 AM PT appointment tomorrow, so we will see if I can do better tonight.  Since it is after 11 now… maybe I can fall asleep in the next 45 min.

All the things that did not get done last week, must get done tomorrow.  Things that I procrastinated on out of fear, depression, or (intentional?) forgetfulness. I have three days left before I see the doctor about my arm.  I may be allowed to go back to work at that point.  The question is: can I handle it?

Perhaps that is the biggest question on my mind.  Can I handle going back to work?  The workers comp doctor will not give me any restrictions for my wrist even though it hurts like hell to do anything.  My right elbow is still giving me grief, of course.  So maybe I can procrastinate a little longer.  I spent some time today looking for a new job.  Sadly, there is nothing that matches my skills.  Or is my self esteem so low that I don’t believe I’ll ever find anything to match my skills?

You see the reason why having written?  It’s been pretty dull here and I’ve been waffling about what to do.  My mind still jumps from topic to topic.  Not rushing right now but still scatterbrained.  And I don’t know what to say.  I don’t feel that anything I have to say is important enough to be read.  I wish I could share with you some words of wisdom, or some links to some words of wisdom, or at least an interesting tale, but alas by life is just boring.


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