Have you ever noticed how the word caffeine looks a little like the word cafe?

Just a rambling thought there.

OK, I have always wanted to post this information, and since so many of us have problems with caffeine, I thought this would be a great place to share this information. 🙂

Do you love your coffee, expresso, tea, soda, JOLT or chocolate?  Here’s what you are in for:

8 oz         regular coffee      135 mg
8 oz         decaf coffee              5 mg
1 oz         expresso                  50 mg
8 oz         black tea                  50 mg
8 oz         green tea                 30 mg
12 oz      Coke                           35 mg
12 oz      JOLT                       300 mg
1 bar      chocolate                 10 mg

(Data from the Food Network)

In case you are curious, the chemical structure of caffeine can be found on Wikipedia along with similar information.


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