Worker’s Comp

Don’t do it.  If you get hurt at work, don’t admit to it.  Go home.  Tell them you fell off the roof while painting your house.  But don’t tell them it happened at work.

First, they put you on disability because you are too much of a liability to stay at work.

Then when the claim is filed, all hell breaks loose.  You go through a grueling telephone interview.  DH’s response: “Wow, I didn’t know you could be waterboarded over the phone.”  They want every detail of your life: your entire medical history, your hobbies, do you have a second job, do you take drugs, what do you do outside of work?  They want a list of every neurologist, pyschiatrist, orthopedic and primary care doctor as well as every employer for the past ten years.  They will ask you what happened and how it happened, then put words into your mouth and twist it to look like you are lying.  Oh, and why didn’t you report it sooner?  Because you were hoping to avoid this torment.  By the way, your conversation is being taped.

Next you get a nurse case manager (NCM) who is supposed to be on your side.  He/she is by your side when you see the doctor.  The doctor who says, “it’s just a sprain” and you don’t need work restrictions.  Never mind that you haven’t been able to drive more than a mile and a half in two months so you wouldn’t be able to get to work, and you can’t type for more than 5 minutes at a time (if that some days) and a significant portion of your job involves typing and mousing.

Now they prescribe physical therapy.  Scheduling company calls at 4:50pm.  You don’t call them back that day because you’ve spent all day trying to get your blood pressure below stroke level.  You spend most of the next day in a doctors office tackling the blood pressure issue so you don’t have a stroke before you can get to PT.  But maybe that’s what they want so the case can be closed.  However, since you didn’t call them back immediately, they start in with the nasty letters.  They leave notes in your file saying you have refused to return their calls.

When you do call them back the next morning, they want to send you to the PT office in town that is most incompetent.  You can request a competent PT, but since it is out-of-network it has to be approved.  They say they will call you back immediately but never do.  You wait patiently another day and a half, then call your nurse case manager.  You remember them, right?  The one person on your side supposedly helping you through this maze?  He tells you that you never called the company that schedules your PT.  (Yeah, they’re the ones you called last week who never called you back.)  Finally, after digging around in your file, your request for an out-of-network (and hopefully competent) PT was approved last week.  Why are you calling him?  Why haven’t you scheduled your appointment? What do you mean, you don’t know where you are approved to go? (Translation: What the hell is wrong with you? Aren’t you omniscient?)

Get number for PT place.  Call PT to set up an appointment.  PT hasn’t called you because they don’t have the information they need to start treatment.  Can you call your claims manager and get them to send the information they need?  Fortunately, PT takes pity on you and makes the calls for you once you give them every number you can find.  They tell you to come in at 8:30AM the next day.  Hopefully they will have the paperwork in time and can actually help you.

Injury date(s): May 17th & May 25th, Recorded ~June 20th

Dr. appointment: July 12th, First PT appointment: July 20th

I should have fallen off the fucking roof.  I’d be healed by now.  And have taken a lot less Klonipin.


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