OK, so I over-reacted to the situation.  Fear will do that to you.  Found out some things though – there was a strong implication that it was my group manager who was responsible for putting me out on STD.  Good News: He’s no longer my group manager. Unfortunately, I’ve still got the same direct supervisor.  Someone who is a (mostly) nice guy but so horribly incompetent as a supervisor that I’m sure they will promote him.

One topic of discussion on the table is whether to operate on the arm.  Pros: It may fix the problem.  Cons: I would probably lose full range of motion on my arm.  Bad news: Surgery only has a 60% success rate.

Next order of business: when will I return?  Not until the 22nd (at least).  I need to have my gallbladder out in the meantime.

I feel relief that I have another 3 weeks of reprieve.  Isn’t that the wrong way to think of work?  Pretty soon they will realize that they really don’t need me back.  It’s playing into the hands of the crazy people on my “team” (loose definition there) – the older ones want to retire and they don’t want anyone trained up enough to take over.  They figure they can screw the company that way; these individuals have an overly inflated view of themselves.  I was the one they were training to take over.  But I suddenly became incompetent because I couldn’t work in the lab due to this tendinitis. Of course, each time they bullied me into working in the lab I ended up injuring myself.  But remember: “Safety First!”  (So long as it’s not terribly inconvenient or time consuming.)

On the other hand, perhaps this separation will make them realize just how valuable I am.  Lord, I hope so.


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