Missing: One gallbladder

I thought my life (health) was supposed to get better after surgery but I’m starting to debate that theory. DH made me a nice, low-fat meal this evening (I confess I ate a bit too much) but now I am SICK! Not really bad sick, just ill. The gas, the nausea, the pain – how can something that isn’t there hurt??? (Phantom pain I suppose, but it is weird.)

OK, so I am only 2 weeks out of surgery. But this was laparoscopic – easy stuff, right? Recovery is a bitch. I’m still wearing sleep clothes that are 2-4 sizes too big because otherwise the waistbands encroach on the bellybutton incision and – ouch!  I wore jean capris all day today and boy am I paying for it now.  I can’t find anything that will make my waist area feel OK.  I can feel the scar tissue building up around the smaller incisions… they feel like little knots.  I know, it’s weird.  And it’s hard to explain.

And now I’m nauseous, even with the nausea medicine.  It’s the weekend and I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know that there is anything I can do – I can’t call the doctor’s office.  And even if I could, what would I say?  ‘You’ve given me nausea medicine and I still feel sick.’  Yes, I suppose I could, but is it worth it?  Sometimes there just isn’t anything they can do.  Take it easy – rest – that’s not easy for a anxious bipolar.  Am I anxious right now?  You bet I am.  After all, I feel sick – just as sick as I did before they took my gallbladder.

Maybe I need it back.


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2 thoughts on “Missing: One gallbladder

  1. I would be the one on the phone to the doctor’s office, but it would go something like, “This medicine you gave me for nausea is crap.” I confess that I would wait until a weekday (for most things), but I am not terribly patient or polite with medical matters. They deal with so many “cases” throughout the day – you do what you have to so that you are remembered and dealt with. And my doctors’ offices all know through experience that if they don’t deal with me, they will live to regret it. I will be the biggest pain in their butt –

    Oh, yeah, this post is about YOU, not ME (lol)!

    I hope that you do start to feel better soon.

  2. The nausea medicine usually works, but I am under a lot of stress right now. (So much that I don’t even feel like talking about it.) I probably shouldn’t be trying to drink coffee either, but I am hoping to get some of anti-depressant properties out of it that James mentioned on my coffee post.
    Thanks for your support & welcome back!

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