Quietly contemplating

I’ve been very quiet lately. I’ve been contemplating what it is that’s going on in my life. I find that I tend to get very quiet when I am thinking. It’s because I have a hard time concentrating. I confess I am very bad at multitasking.

Sometimes I’m not even sure what I’m contemplating. It’s as if I simply just don’t want to talk to anyone or deal with anyone. I haven’t even been on Facebook much lately. If you knew me better, you’d know that I spend a lot of time on Facebook. Right now I’m not even playing my games. Maybe I’m just depressed. I am trying to check my moods, but it’s easier said than done.

That’s the thing – I don’t know how I am feeling. It’s as if the depression train has slowed down & become clouded – twisted like a Van Gogh painting.

Also, I am incessantly bored with everything. Even things I love are boring. I’m not working on my photos, I am not reading, I’m not doing much of anything.

As for depressing, it’s raining and every body part that has ever been injured hurts. Also, the PC died & our network is down. This post was brought to you by iPhone & 3G.

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