Dear Paxil

Dear Paxil,

What happened?  We used to be such good friends.  We were happy together.  I know we haven’t seen each other since 2004, but are you holding a grudge?  You need not make me anxious just to prove a point.

Perhaps you are angry because I have let Geodon into our family.  Please, it’s not personal… well, OK it is, but I was hoping you would understand.  You make me happy – too happy – we just can’t be left alone together.  Geodon is our chaperone.  I swear, it is nothing more than that.

We were united twice before – once in 1997 and once in 2003.  You didn’t treat me like this those times.  Or is my memory just hazy from the beauty of mania we have shared?

Please Paxil, I beg of you, send your side effects away.  I wish to be friends, good friends, but not BFFs as we once were.  I need you to do this for me, because Klonopin does not play well with Geodon, so he must be used sparingly.

I plead my case.

Thank you,


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3 thoughts on “Dear Paxil

  1. Dear Monday,

    It’s just not the same. You have so many other friends that I don’t know. Maybe, I’m just a little anxious about meeting them. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel comfortable here in this situation with you and Geodon and everyone else. But, the only thing we can do is try, right?



  2. Monday,

    I couldn’t help but smile while reading this – not at the subject matter, but the way you addressed it (pun acknowledged but unintentional).

    If you are feeling anxious, you might want to poke around into potential lesser known/unproven reactions and interactions. Zoloft gave me my first ever taste of true panic attacks, though it’s prescribed to relieve them. Just a thought.

    At any rate, I hope Paxil settles down and settles in. Maybe it’s just having some minor first child/abandonment/adjustment issues. 😉

  3. Paxil is beginning to behave itself, but it really does NOT like Klonopin, so I’ve cut back on all my dosages. (Klonipin + Paxil = sleep) It’s the only anti-depressant guaranteed to work on me, and it is good for “Road Rage” patients, so it’s really an ideal match. Until Paxil proves to be too stubborn live with, I am going to give it a chance.

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