New Surgery Date

I moved up my surgery date to Nov 3rd. I re-arranged my schedule and I have friends coming to sit with me on the 4th & 5th while DH is working. I am terrified but as a friend pointed out to me maybe it is like a band-aid: you can peel it back slowly or you can rip it off. she suggested that maybe I should just rip it off quickly and get it over with. So this is what I decided to do. Rip!

Believe it or not, the evil nurse was actually nice to me when I called to reschedule. Which is good because I was dreading talking to her. But she seemed actually happy that I moved it. Go fig. Maybe I was helping her fill her scheduling quota.

Now I’ve used this surgery as an excuse to buy an iPad. Bad financial decision, good emotional decision. I’m using it to write this blog and I think it might make it possible to blog while I’m injured. Especially since I seem to be able to type one handed on it. Although I wouldn’t expect any great works of literature from me in the near future. 😉

Well, that’s my update for now. Please keep me in your thoughts on Nov 3rd.

Thank you!