Things I’m Thankful For

This is my no means a comprehensive list, but I thought of a few things over the holiday. So here’s starter list of things I’m thankful for:

1. My husband. My soulmate.
2. My Dad is alive and well.
3. My “bro”
4. My childhood friend, J. She is always there for me when things go wrong back East.
My “fur children”:
5. Princess
6. Goldie
7. Indy
8. Lucky
9. LunaKitty, my fur angel who had to leave me two years ago. She was a wonderful part of my life and I still miss her. I’m thankful she shared most of her short life with me.
10. Saxon for easing the pain of losing Luna.
11. My niece
12. Good doctors: PCP, psych, GYN, surgeons
13. The hairdresser who washed my hair for me when I could not
14. The friends who sat with me after my surgery
15. All my friends, near and far
16. My friend, L, who invited us forThanksgiving dinner
17. My massage therapist
18. My vacations. Not everyone gets to go to Scotland, France, or the Netherlands.
19. Meeting nice people
20. My left wrist seems to be getting better
21. I can make a fist with my right hand
22. I can walk. I wasn’t expected to after the accident but today I do and without a cane.
23. My house
24. A savings account with a positive balance
25. I’m still collecting a paycheck while on sick leave

All of you for reading my blog and giving support in a way that no one else can. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Aww, that list is lovely! It’s wonderful to be able to sit back, in all of the chaos that surrounds us, and appreciate people and things for who and what they are. There is so much meaning, joy, wonder, and beauty in the world, waiting for us to enjoy it. And you seemed to have captured quite a bit of it for yourself. Absolutely wonderful!

    And I’m thankful for you, Monday. You were my inspiration to move my surgery up and not hide from it anymore. You were one of a few who were with me every step of the way, through all of the anxiety producing doubt, anguish, and pain. Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are.

  2. I’m thankful for you too Lulu! You were just as supportive of me during my surgery. I wouldn’t have had the courage to move up my surgery without you talking me through it. Thank you for your kind words; you’re pretty wonderful yourself! 🙂

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