OK, so I’ve been working really hard at PT and I can almost eat by myself. (I’ve got 1-2 inches to go before I can reach my mouth with a fork.) When I asked the doctor about restrictions, he said to ask my PT. Weight restrictions are a can of soup and range of motion only. The doctor and PT say no typing or writing. Certain motions are restricted and others are encouraged, but the biggest things are no weight and no strain that would result in elongation of the tendon. I’m still supposed to wear the sling when I go out in public.

So imagine my surprise when I talked to the doctor’s nurse today about driving and she said I could be driving now. WHAT THE %*^# ?!?!?!!! This strikes me as something that flies in the face of ALL of my other restrictions. So I talked to my PT and she agrees that driving is not a good idea. The way she put it is: do you feel you could steer out of the way in an emergency situation? No. I don’t think I could even turn a corner. I get nervous just thinking about it.

I feel the nurse is giving me different information than the doctor and I don’t know how to approach him about it. DH, who believes that everyone is fundamentally good, calls this nurse a bitch. I think one of you (Lulu?) called her evil. I think she is just incompetent. Why give medical advice that contradicts everyone else? With this nurse’s attitude, how do ANY of his patients get better? Once I’m better, I plan to report her to the facility. In the meantime, I still need her to fill out my damn paperwork.

I am so frustrated right now that I can’t even focus on writing this post. I think every day I get more and more terrified of going back to work. I think I need a Klonopin now.


One thought on “Driving???

  1. Yeah, I’ll own that one. I called her evil. And I’ll still call her evil on the same grounds. She is supposed to be a “caretaker” and a “healer”. That is supposed to be her calling, not just a profession. If she is committing acts that contradict that, then she is only in that profession for the money / glory. And that makes her evil. Clearly, she thinks that her vast knowledge and years of experience make her more qualified to give judgements, than the doctors who give advice.

    It would be the same thing if I, as a teacher, told a parent that their kid didn’t actually need special education classes. Why not? Because I know for a fact that their kid doesn’t have a special need. They’re just bad!

    I’m just a teacher. I’m not a doctor. I can’t make those calls. And if I did, I would be fired the moment I closed my mouth after making that statement. I only go as far as consulting my collagues and making suggestions.

    At my follow up, my doctor said the best thing I’ve ever heard come out of a health care practictioner’s mouth. “Listen to your body. I know you are intelligent enough to know if something doesn’t feel right”. You knew it didn’t feel right for you. And only you know what you feel like, because you are the only person who lives in your body (hopefully, joking!).

    But, I’m ecstatic about the progress you’re making in PT! You should be strong enough to wield a baseball soon, right? You know, just in case *wink* *wink*. Lol!

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