Writing has been very difficult for me lately. Even though I can now type with two hands, I feel like I have nothing to say. A little bit of depression, I fear. So the question is: why isn’t the Paxil working? It’s always worked like a charm, easing the sadness away starting at two weeks. It’s been three now, and I am getting used to the side effects, but it’s NOT working. WHY?????????

There is another factor in this equation, and that is that we lowered my Lamictal a bit. I’m still above the therapeutic dose so I should be fine. We did this to see if it would improve my memory and my estrogen levels. Yes on the estrogen, still unknown on the memory. But Klonopin reduces memory too – so just call me screwed. (For those of you on Xanax, it can cause memory impairment too. Maybe all the benzos do.)

I’m a little wound up today because the nurse didn’t fax in my paperwork last Friday. Or if she did, then the fax didn’t go through. I don’t know what to do. I left her a message on Friday, but she hasn’t called me back yet. Since the doctor is in the office today, she will be hard to get a hold of, but tomorrow is her desk-day so I may be able to get a hold of her then. I can keep checking my work email too just in case she sent it in but hasn’t bothered to call me. If she tries to tell me that she never got it, well, that’s a problem with their office. I dropped it off, paid my $5 and have a receipt. I have a few more days on the paperwork, but it’s got to get in there soon. I hate dealing with big places with stupid rules. I’m not sure it’s worth it, even if they are supposed to be “the best”.

Sorry this is another rant-day but I needed to get that off my chest. I will try to post something interesting one of these days.

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3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. When I read the part about the Xanax, the F-word actually fell out of my mouth. No effin’ wonder my short-term memory is absolutely shot! I thought it only affected short-term memory while the dose is active in the system. I didn’t realize it went beyond that. FML.

    And rant away. I bet the nurse didn’t fax it. I really loathe the medical field anymore. I missed my Pdoc appointment by accident Dec 20. I called the same day and profusely apologized, asking for a reschedule sometime soon. I was referred to an answering machine. Ugh. No call-back, okay, we’re getting around Christmas, fair enough. I called after Christmas. Answering machine.

    Finally, I called after New Years, after I made my medicine stretch as far as I could and I was turning up empty. I had to call and rant and rave just to get to the scheduler that I needed to talk to. And then, she starts the conversation off with a nasty remark, “It looks like you missed a lot of appointments.” I came back at her as hard as I could, going off about how I left her messages and how it was wildly irresponsible for her to leave me off of the agenda entirely for nearly two weeks. She changed her tune pretty quickly.

    You’d think that a mental health facility would know better than to mess around with patients.

    Chances are, she didn’t. And she’ll lie and say she did. I work in an office, I know how this works. Aww, it seems like the fax didn’t go through because of some technical error. I’ll get it off ASAP. In my case, I would actually scurry off to the fax machine and expedite the process. However, my husband tells me that he backburners a lot of things unless people start making threats.

    Rant away! Your catharsis is everyone’s catharsis!

    • To be fair, I got the Xanax info from Medscape. It’s also listed in <a href="http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0000807/&quot; PubMed. Xanax has a half-life of 11 hours, so if you take it daily, then it’s always in your system. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, I just thought people should know. 😦

      I finally got a hold of the evil nurse on Tuesday afternoon. Apparently she was out the day that I saw the doctor so she had to wait for my chart to come back from transcription. She was confused because my next appointment date was so far away and she didn’t know I had seen him, despite the fact that I had called her last Thursday and told her I’d seen him and that I had paperwork to be filled out. Now, why would my appointment date be 4 weeks from now if I hadn’t just seen the doctor? Best part: She asks, “Didn’t you get my message?” Would I have called and left FOUR messages if I had gotten hers? Ugh. It’s done now. The paperwork is in and I am good to go for another month.

      • Now you’ve gone and convinced me that she’s not actually evil. She’s just an idiot. That’s what happens when morons are allowed to wield any power. It becomes evil by action and not by nature. Anyway, thank goodness that is all taken care of! For now, I guess. But yay! That’s a battle for another day.

        And more swears fell out of my mouth when I read that half-life. Sometimes I take it twice a day, if it’s bad enough. SOB! Sanity or memory? I’ll let you know. Thanks for the info! Now I don’t feel like it’sa all my fault that I’m a bumbling idiot!

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