My paycheck went back to full pay. Good, right? Wrong. They took all of my vacation time to do it. Not a single day for the rest of the year? I think I will lose my mind!!

Fortunately, (hopefully) they can reverse it – or at least some of it – I am waiting to hear back from HR. I need some vacation time or I will not survive the year. I still have doctor’s appointments and what happens if I need some time for my house or other emergency? (Or time for job interviews.) I don’t need my full paycheck that badly – I need time off more. I’ll bargain for half of the time (I get 4 weeks total) back.

Worse yet, they reorganized my group and now I don’t show up on the Org chart! What does that mean? Do I still have a job? Do they just don’t know what to do with me? Or are they really planning to get rid of me? Apparently I have an office with a name tag. At least that’s a good sign. It’s all craziness.

I’m beyond words right now. A little bit angry, but mostly scared. I don’t know what’s going on and that is scary. I wish I had some reassurance but I don’t know where I could get it from. My supervisor acts like I don’t exist. He ignores emails and phone calls. So now what do I do?


5 thoughts on “HR

  1. That has to hurt…

    The worst scenario I have been in, has been when I had been…hospitalised…before which I had quit. The CEO literally begged me to come back and I…regrettebly caved. Even though it lasted another 9 months till I realised nothing had actually changed (as he had promised it would), nothing was ever the same. People would give me the cold shoulder and acted all weird. In the end, it all ended very bitterly.

    But, in true Bipolar fashion, this is not the first time I had to be tought this lesson … never try to cross a burnt bridge …

  2. Ugh, that’s some scary-sounding stuff! I’ve never had a situation like that at the places I’ve worked, but I was also lucky/strategic with respect to work environments. I hope it gets settled soon!

    I now actually get no official time off of any kind at all. It’s up to me to decide to take time off, but I can’t allow work to slip. Due to the nature of the work, I’m expected to work all hours, all days, and set my own limits (ha!) But likewise, I was cut some major slack when cognitive function problems got really bad last year. I didn’t know I was bipolar and setting myself up for a relatively good work situation when I got started with this, but I’m now very grateful that it’s worked out that way given that there’s no getting around the bipolar part. So long as I keep performance up, I’m safe…

  3. I swear, in all seriousness, you work for the company I used to work for.

    Get back to HR, like you already have. While they are fixing the vacation thing let them know your boss is being an ostrich and that you’re starting to take it personally. If you really do work for the company I used to, they will fix it, lickety-split. Good luck – sending some zen your way 🙂

  4. Update: I got two weeks vacation back. It’s better than nothing. What’s a person to do with 4 weeks anyway?

    They asked if I had been in touch with my supervisor, I said “No, he acts like I don’t exist. He doesn’t return phone calls or emails.” This is more or less true. I haven’t contacted him much, but of the three or four times I did, he only got back with me once. One time he ignored me was about the paper (discussed in 15 minutes of fury) that was written (and now has come out) without my name on it. He did get back to me about the safety issue/worker’s comp, but I had to call a couple of times. I don’t remember what the other stuff was about. Most of the group assumes I’m out on disability but he tells everyone that where I am is on a “need to know basis”. Doesn’t that just sound ominous? I understand that he’s trying to protect my health privacy, but surely he could come up with something less cloak and dagger.

    This company is a little ‘we say it but we don’t mean it’. I have reported my previous supervisor for racial harassment (talking about people of other races for the most part) and management basically told me I needed to ask him to stop – they weren’t going to do anything. Not according to our HR policy – I don’t have to do the asking, I just have to report it. I should have called HR directly. It all would have come back down on my head anyway. My “team” is composed of a bunch of nuts that are way more messed up than I am. I’m beginning to think that working with sane individuals is worth way more than a big paycheck.

    • Maybe that’s true. It sounds scary as anything, especially in the job climate. But, if you’re terrified of work, maybe it would be better for your health if you moved on. Just thinking out loud is all.

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