Psst! Pass it on!

Guess I got caught passing notes in class!  This was a cute little exercise that Ruby tagged me for, so I decided to play along.  It certainly interrupted my depressing thoughts as of late.

The idea is simple: in school you probably passed notes to your friends or that boy/girl that you liked, who were sitting halfway across the room.  Well, if you got caught, chances are the teacher would take the opportunity to teach everyone a lesson by reading the note out loud or maybe even posting it on the board for everyone to read!  The concept of this note is for everyone to see it, so you write out the note, take a picture, and post it to your blog.  Now, if you are going to write a note properly, it should be on notebook paper.  Personally, I considered using graph paper, as an homage to geometry and trigonometry in high school – two classes that I absolutely hated.  (I love math, BTW, it was the teachers I didn’t like.)  However, I stuck to the notebook paper just to play fair.

Here’s how it works. Write out the following on a sheet of notebook paper:

  1. Your name
  2. Your blog’s URL
  3. The classic, very useful sentence:  The quick red fox jumps over the lazy brown dog.
  4. Your favorite quote
  5. Your favorite song (at the moment)
  6. Your favorite band/musician/singer (at the moment)
  7. Write anything that you want
  8. Tag three to five bloggers
  9. Post a picture of your note, and leave the link in the comments section below, because I wanna see it!

I did mine a little bit differently because sometimes I just like to be difficult. 😉  I believe that no note would be complete without a TO/FROM label on it.  So, since Ruby Tuesday nominated me, the note is addressed to her, but by no means did I intend to leave anyone out!  So this note is really for all of you. 🙂

Now I need to tag some folks.  I humbly request notes from Lulu, Disorderly Chickadee, and ManicMuses.  Now, if I didn’t tag you, you can still play along.  Just follow the instructions (or close to) and post the url to your note in the comments below.  Let’s see how many notes we get! 🙂

Most importantly: Have fun!


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5 thoughts on “Psst! Pass it on!

  1. Lovely! I am so glad you are playing too.Reflecting about passing note is a good thing, one I should think of more often doing. Then maybe I won’t get as often.
    Good timing MM ~ Not a teacher in sight today,. ; > )

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