The Empty Fortune Cookie

For Valentine’s Day, DH & I went to a Chinese restaurant.  At the end, they brought us our fortune cookies and when I opened mine, there was no fortune.  What does that mean?  In the grand scheme of the universe – nothing.  But those little fortunes that tell you to look up an old friend, seek out a new opportunity, or whatever, really mean something to me in a semi-superstitious way.  It’s fun, it may be a little cheesy, but it’s like buying a lottery ticket – you wonder for a little while.  So when I saw the empty fortune cookie it meant much more to me than the little slip of paper with some vague saying.

It meant the future is unclear.

Just like all the other vagueness in my life, I have no path, no direction.  I am in limbo.

Work has decided that they will not accept any transitional duty status (work restrictions).  So I am still off work for at least another 3 weeks.  I still don’t know anything about my job – I don’t know if I have  job.  The doctor suggested I contact HR but I’m pretty sure they won’t tell me anything.  Maybe I should probably just consider my job gone and move on.  Again.

So far the medical tests on DH have revealed nothing out of the ordinary.  So why is he so tired and having so much pain?  Another unknown.  They are sending him to a specialist, so we get to deal with that next week.

My meds? Still that stable, yet low level depression.  I think I may have to just learn to live with it.

The only concrete things going on in my life right now is the kitchen remodel.  They start on Monday – ripping out tile and taping everything off, by Tuesday my sink will be gone so there will be lots of eating out. Wednesday, the cats go to the kennel and they pour the concrete countertops.  Somewhere between Wednesday and Friday, they get stained and then the epoxy goes on Friday afternoon.  So we will need to be out of the house for the weekend so it can dry.  Monday the plumbing returns along with the tile.  A beautiful Italian stone.  It’s not cheap but not too bad on price either.  We are also having the fireplace and hearth done too.  (Beware these remodel things grow!)  By the end of the following week, we can have the electrician come in and finish all the lighting off.  Somewhere in there we need the exterminator to take care of the termite problem as well.

By the time it’s done, I won’t recognize my own house!  Everything will be beautiful and my carpet will look ratty in comparison.  (My carpet looks pretty ratty now.)  It’s not going to be cheap but it will be worth it.  Especially if we have to move.

Maybe the empty fortune cookie is a good sign.  Perhaps it means that I have options and life will not trap me again.

Or perhaps it means nothing at all.

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