Remodeling: Day 1

I had pre-remodeling jitters all day yesterday.  I was going to write but ended up making cupcakes instead.  (Yes! I can do this now with a minimal amount of assistance! It was only a 1/2 batch anyway.) Baking is soothing to me.  It’s not stressful like cooking.  It is precise and straightforward, you get to take a break while the stuff is in the oven, and there’s something yummy with sugar when you are done.  It might even look pretty too.

One of my first attempts at piped frosting

It wasn’t as relaxing as usual because I couldn’t find my regular recipe book so I had to pull a new recipe off the internet, which I then proceeded to screw up by creaming the sugar with the butter instead of creaming the butter alone first.  Furthermore, I put in both eggs instead of one at a time, but this really isn’t such a big deal I don’t think.  The vanilla went in at the wrong time too.  When the batter was done, it was way too thick, so I thinned it out a bit with extra milk.  Finally, it only made a dozen cupcakes so I had to cut the frosting recipe in half.  I put too much almond extract into the frosting and it’s overwhelming.  I think the cake is a little too dense and a touch dry – maybe overdone a little by a minute or two.  It still hits the sweet spot craving.

So anyway, we decided that we can’t decide between the door pulls and we aren’t 100% convinced on the tile.  It’s easier to match tile to the countertop than vice-versa since the countertops with be concrete and a one-of-a-kind type of thing.  Since they were closed today, we have to go tomorrow to look at the tile shop. The one tile I had posted in Estimate is nice but there is something about the combination that is just a little bit “off”.  I can’t put my finger on it but it’s there.  Do you know what I mean?

Today, the contractors were running a bit late because their previous job ran over, but this trip didn’t last long.  They tried taking out the tile and it was so stuck to the sheetrock that it started coming off too!  So they can’t remove the old tile like normal.  The tile guys have to come in and cut out the sheetrock with the tile stuck to it then re-sheetrock the entire area.  Just a quick shot to show you all the fun:

Tiles reluctant to leave

No remodel without stumbling blocks, right?  Well, we got all excited to do the fireplace too except that estimate came in at $656.  If we tile the face of the fireplace instead of concreting it, then we can knock about $100-$120 off that price.  Basically, I’m waiting for the lighting parts estimate so I can figure our totals.   I might just have them do the cheaper tile option.  I hate to leave the fireplace looking so crappy when everything else will look so nice.  (Of course, the cabinets in the kitchen are still going to look crappy too, but they will cost us ~$2500-$3000 to have redone so not happening now.)  Everything adds up so quickly!!!

My head is spinning.  I can’t even begin to think of all the other things I need to be doing!  I just want to eat Nutella out of the jar and watch TV the rest of the day.  I really wish I could have a few rounds of tequila, but I can’t.  Klonopin is not enough today.  😦


3 thoughts on “Remodeling: Day 1

    • Actually we are. We are just using tile instead of concrete. We’ve been through all our tile choices and we think we know what will work best. Cross your fingers, I hate all this guesswork. 😦

  1. I know the pains of remodeling. We had to fix our plumbing. We had a situation where things kept clogging, so we were going to replace the pipe. But, we had to get the clog out first. So, the snake in the toilet didn’t work. The snake in the basement piping didn’t work. So, my husband had to go into the yard, and start digging. Luckily, he hit the pipe on his first try, right in the place where they needed it. Turned out there was some kind of odd trap at that junction. God knows why, seriously.

    I remember the living room remodel because it was just an awful experience. It was August, and it was mostly DIY, because our contractors decided that they weren’t getting paid enough and bailed on the project. Anyway, there were all kinds of issues with that. I remember my husband, up on that ladder, doing everything he could to plaster the ceiling, because we couldn’t get a machine in the house to get the drywall up. Paint until 3 am. Our kitchen was the host to all of our furniture, so there was no use of that kitchen. UGH!

    Nothing without a hitch, I swear.

    I hope it’s going better for you. And don’t agonize over the cupcakes. The icing looks lovely, and I bet they are delicious.

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