Remodeling: Day 2

Well, I think we are a day behind. The sink was supposed to come out today but instead we got the tile removed and the backsplash area re-drywalled. So tomorrow is the day real work begins. We lose the sink, everything gets taped off and maybe concrete gets poured. Then staining and epoxy on Friday. Hopefully. We are supposed to go away on Friday & Saturday so we don’t interfere with the drying process. Hopefully things come back on Monday (sink & tile) then we can have the electrician in for the lights. The carpet guys have to come put our carpet back too. Another cost because I can’t afford to replace our crappy carpets yet. It all adds up so quickly.

DH and I spent most of today at the tile store. We found a different tile that looks a bit better. (DH likes it better than I do, but maybe I’m just nervous about a final decision. I’m bad with decisions.) Now there’s grout decisions to be made and aarrrgghhhhh!!!!! I’m taking Klonopin every day because of this. 😦

My angels go to the kennel in the morning. I will be sad without them, but they need to be out of the way for the rest of the remodel. I just think of it as part of the remodeling expense. The dog goes on Friday. Then there’s the weekend. Honestly, I don’t really want to travel, but it is kind of necessary that we be out of the house for the epoxy to dry properly.

I think this is a little of the depression talking. More and more Paxil and no real improvement. Maybe the Geodon prevents it? I don’t know. Anxiety over this kitchen is driving me to (want) to drink!