Remodeling: Day 4

Today’s issue?  The sink.  They had to try out the sink to see if it would fit before concreting the counters.  Well, it didn’t.  The old kitchen sink was cast iron and the builder had put in some extra pieces and braces to make it fit.  He also never sealed the sink, so we had rust under the lip of it around the edge of the counter. The supplier couldn’t leave until we had the sink sorted out, and the builder had to come over and look at it because the workman didn’t want to make the call on his own.  (Don’t blame him.)  So we have 5 people (the builder, the workman, the supplier, DH & I) and one uncooperative sink.  Although this sink wasn’t nearly as uncooperative as the original appears to have been. The final solution was to remove the braces that were put in for the old sink and cut notches into the counter to allow for the clamp mounts fit and the sink would drop in.  Not sure how they will clamp it now, but they will figure something.  Also they said they would seal it.  BTW, who the hell puts in a sink without sealing it???

Sink problem fixed. The counters got the final coat of concrete.  The texture looks amazing – just like slate.  I can’t wait to see how the color will work out.  The hearth is textured the same way but it will be brown.  Already replaced the knobs in the living room on the built-in.  Bought the tile at Lowes. Need a date from the tile guys so I can schedule the electrician.  Then I don’t know whose house I will be living in, because it will look way too cool to be mine.