Remodeling: Day 6

This morning, DH & I were talking about the hearth we had seen before we left. We weren’t crazy about it but it was still better than what we had so we figured just not to worry about it. Shortly thereafter, I get a call from the contractor: can we redo your hearth? He said he didn’t like it and didn’t want his name associated with it, but if we really liked it he would leave it. We told him it was fine to redo it and even talked a bit about the color. This should be a nice surprise when we get home.

We have the best contractor ever. He’s really making sure things get done right. The original builder created a house with “good bones” but skimped in some weird ways either for money or time. His tile work certainly could have been better. I can’t wait until our new tile goes in. Supposedly we have some of the best tile guys in town. Once they are done we can have the electrician come and replace our fixtures and fix our short to the garage. Then I think we should throw a party to show off our beautiful new kitchen with its crappy appliances. 😛

DH wants a new stove. I want new carpet. I really want to redo the bathroom. This remodeling stuff never ends! By the time you finish what you want to do, its time to start over. Home decor is such a fashion industry.

I can’t wait to get home tomorrow. We are having fun up here but I want to see my new counters and I miss my kitties. I’ll post when I’ve seen them!