Remodeling: Days 7-8

Well, there really wasn’t much to say about days 7 & 8.  On Sunday, they cleaned up everything and put everything back.  They put the final coat on the hearth, which is thicker than originally anticipated to make it more durable.  We came home Sunday night to the most gorgeous countertops you can imagine!  They are concrete, but look like stone.  Varying shades of green ranging from emerald to forest, with traces of copper streaks as if a creek bed had run through it.  Glossy and beautiful, I couldn’t stop touching the bar area it was so unreal.

On Monday, nothing happened with the house.  It was a long and frustrating day, waiting for news of tile guys and plumbers.  Finally, today both will be here, as well as the carpet guy.  It’s like a party here! 😉  The electrician is missing out, he won’t be here until next week.

On a personal note, I saw my psychiatrist yesterday.  I told her I was concerned that I was on too high a dose of Paxil, so we cut it back and my Geodon is cut back to 80mg.  The reason the Geodon got cut back is because when I went to fill the 20mg script (I take 100mg total), they told me the medication was going to be over $1000!!!  (I haven’t met my deductible yet.)  Isn’t that crazy?!  It goes generic next month so if I hold off for a bit (psych is ok with this) maybe we can afford it again.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  I’ll post later when I have some update on the remodel. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Remodeling: Days 7-8

  1. I spoke too soon on the remodel going well… today’s nightmare is the sink. With the faucets in and everything, it doesn’t sit flush. I don’t know what to do now. We may be able to calk it so it’s OK, but will it look OK? I don’t know. The contractor is on his way over now to check it out.

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