Remodeling: Day 9

OK, I’m running a day behind now, but yesterday was a crazy day. The plumber was here and he couldn’t get the sink to fit once it had the faucet and other parts attached. So he had to cut away parts of the countertop. Whoever built this house jury-rigged pieces of wood together to hold up the cast iron sink. Yes, cast iron. I can only imagine how heavy that thing was.  At least it’s gone now.

Anyway, the plumber was getting very upset and grouchy and it was making me uncomfortable, especially when he started swearing.  I’m normally OK with a little swearing, but I don’t like angry men swearing in my house when I’m alone.  (DH had to work.)  It made me cringe, so it must have triggered the fear factor I get when men are angry (probably PTSD from an abusive relationship).  Needless to say, I was very relieved when they left even if it was in a huff.

The tile guy went by Lowes yesterday to pick up my tile and they didn’t have it.  They told him it was on order.  The reason why it was on order is because we bought the last of it off the shelf.  I watched them pick it up and put it in the cart.  They put the cart in the back where they store things for pickup later.  It took two employees all day looking for that tile in order to find it.  Someone had shoved three appliances up around the shopping cart holding my tile (bright, eh?) but at least they found it by the end of the day.

So not a lot got done yesterday, but tempers did flare.  I wish I could be more assertive in situations like that and not let it get to me.  I didn’t like how the lead plumber treated his assistant either, who was rather nice.  The plumbers are done today and I am so glad to have them out of the house.  The tile folks are still working, but I like them.  They are very nice and do great work.  We’re almost done.

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