Kitty Walkabout

I slept terrible Thursday night. After the Latuda incident, I just couldn’t sleep. It was hot in the house and we had opened some windows, but eventually resorted to the AC, so I went around and shut all the windows before bed. I had a bit of that 1/2 awake, 1/2 asleep stuff until I got up to write the Latuda post, which was about 4am local time. I thought I heard some meowing, like a cat was trapped in a closet (pretty typical scenario for our youngest) but I couldn’t find any trapped cats. So I chalked it up to my sleep-deprived imagination and went back to bed.

I finally woke up at 6:30 and so did DH. We both heard the meowing then, and we couldn’t find Saxon. DH opens the back door, letting the dog out, and sees the cat sitting on the windowsill meowing. Saxon had torn open the small hole in the screen, letting himself out to chase bugs, and I had unknowingly closed the window behind him. Poor fellow was out there all night and meowing for half of it! He didn’t seem to get the idea of using the door, so the dog went over and started nudging the cat towards the door with his nose until the idea clicked. The two had a long, affectionate reunion and Saxon doesn’t seem inclined to leave the house again.

Best Buds

Moral of the story: It is possible to herd cats!

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2 thoughts on “Kitty Walkabout

  1. LOL. Zen used to sometimes get locked out. He didn’t care, even if it was raining! And he was still eager to get back out!

    I read the Latuda post. I’ve been thinking a lot about antipsychotics lately. I need to do some research. What an awful reaction! When my sister started Lamictal, she had nausea so badly that she couldn’t really eat. I was surprised. I haven’t heard of anyone who had nausea. Headache, yeah, that’s across the board.

    I hope you find some relief soon. There’s nothing worse. I’ve been in your shoes.

    • I wish I could have stayed on the Latuda because it really was helping, but the nausea issues were getting worse not better. It’s one thing to be a little nauseous for an hour, it’s another to be curled up in the fetal position or worse, vomiting. Most of the antipsychotics have weight gain and/or increased blood sugar issues. Geodon (supposedly) doesn’t, and it recently went generic, but it’s still hideously expensive. Latuda (supposedly) doesn’t, but that didn’t work out for me. I’ve heard mixed reviews on Abilify and I suspect it’s dose-related. If you are having psychotic breaks/episodes, maybe you need to have a antipsychotic added to your cocktail. It’s worth looking into.

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