30 Days of Creativity: Day 3


How easily we slip and fall
Always dancing on a tightrope
One side high, one side low
Tip-toe down the line, quiet as you please
Beware, beware the icy patch that has befallen me

Something to tip the scales,
a moment of mistake
a lifetime of punishment
holding on to my tightrope now
as if it were a lifeline

Tangled web of truth and lies
wrapped around my feet
to whom am I lying?
me, of course
because truth and fear
blend together to become a new reality

Climb! Climb! Why can I not climb?
The rope is slippery, that is why.
Laden with the grease of regret
Grasping, gasping, with the last of my strength
to hold on until help arrives

But is there help on the way?
Who can catch me if I fall?
It is a long way down from here
And I am alone
as my voice echoes through the cavern below me

One leg, one arm, maybe I can stay
alive a little longer
my tightrope, my savior, my nemesis
If I cease to struggle and just hold on
Maybe, maybe tomorrow
I can climb back up
to walk another day

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