30 Days of Creativity: Day 4

The Turtle

One of my favorite editing programs is Adobe Photoshop’s Lightroom®.  It’s a digital darkroom program designed to mimic the power of editing done in darkrooms before the age of digital cameras.  It can made your photo more realistic or it can make it edgy and modern.  It can take a bad photo and make it good, or it can take a good photo and make it great.  Today’s creativity challenge photo is the turtle.

Edited in Lightroom(R)

Above is the image I created in Lightroom® and the original is below.  You can see that there are a lot of changes going on here.  First, I used a preset which is simply a set of instructions saved that can be applied to any photo.  The preset is called Dark Horse and can be found by searching websites containing presets.  (I can’t recall which site this one came from.)  There are plenty of places that you can find free presets to use with your photos.  This particular preset adjusts the color and contrast.  I made further adjustments from there, including sharpening, vingetting, noise reduction, and slight changes to the highlights and shadows.

Original photo before editing. (c) ManicMonday 2012

Photography (both taking the pictures and editing them) is a hobby of mine that really gets the creative juices flowing for me.  I am glad I decided to embark on this 30 days of creativity project because it has urged me to work with some of my older photos and be creative with them.

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