Lucky Dog Gets Lucky

Our dog, Lucky, had a little adventure today.  Whilst outside with DH, he suddenly took off through the unlatched fence door, and returned shortly thereafter with a pair of ladies: a blonde and a brunette.  Being that he is part Corgi, he has a herding instinct and sensing two damsels in distress, he rushed to the rescue.  He invited them to party in the backyard and they followed.  So my husband was now surrounded by three rambunctious dogs, only one of whom was fixed (Lucky).  This gives new meaning to the phrase, “hangin’ with my bitches.”

While Lucky was playing with the two female Labradors, DH tried to look at their collars.  No name tags.  But they did have rabies tags.  So when he talked to Animal Control, they were able to look up and contact the veterinarian of the two dogs.  Turns out, their owner had just called looking for his dogs.  They connected DH and the dogs’ owner and eventually the girls, Bella and Ruthie, were driven home by their father.

Saxon, our cat, wanted to keep the new dogs.



DH is marveling at Lucky’s pickup artist skills, specifically saying, “Lucky is a playa!  He spent the afternoon with two hot girls drooling all over him.”  When we adopted him, we didn’t know why he had been named “Lucky”.  Now we know.  😉

Lucky a.k.a. Romeo Dog

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