30 Days of Thanks: Day 6

I have a lot to be thankful for right now. As I sit perched upon the edge of my seat, waiting to hear if I will get an offer from the college, I want to express my thanks to the powers that be for the luck I’ve had so far. I had a job interview at the conference for a company, and I had a job interview from a college. I am well and truly hoping I get the college teaching job. I don’t know what it will pay, but those things may be negotiable. I am just very thankful that I got this far in the interview process.

Even though it is rush timing, I really want this teaching job. The school is great, the people seem good, although I couldn’t read them very well, so I don’t know what they thought of me. I’m really not good at interviewing without hypomania. But then this is the job that I thought I really screwed up the phone interview, so maybe they like me well enough.  I certainly hope so.  They are making their decision today, so I am extra nervous.  I should hear something (good or bad) by the end of the week.

The industry position would be a nice backup option.  It contains a lot of sales, so the salary is not great and you work partially on commission.  I can sell anything I believe in.  But I don’t see myself being in a sales position with high travel (up to 50%) for a long period of time.  I’m too old for that, and I think all my medications it would be a hindrance.  A job is a job and you can’t complain about being employed these days even if it isn’t your favorite type of job.

I sort of got off on a couple of tangents there, but really I wanted to express my gratitude for the opportunities I’ve been given thus far.  I hope it works out so that I can write another day of thanks for a new job soon!

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