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Well, I’m getting pretty anxious here. I still haven’t heard from the college and I’m starting to get depressed. (It doesn’t help that I woke up with a stomachache and haven’t felt well all day.) I know, I know, administration can take their time, but really, I should have heard by now. Most of the day is over on the East coast.

What I don’t understand is why. Why am I not getting jobs? I’m getting interviews, but not jobs. Where am I going wrong? I used to never have this problem. If I interviewed, I got the job. But I was usually hypomanic. I’m not hypomanic. I am boring old stable me. Should I go off my meds? Would that help?

I just don’t get it. I know, I know, they still might call. But my hopes are dwindling by the minute. And here I got my car repaired ‘just in case’. I’ve been pre-planning ‘just in case’. I know I said I wasn’t going to count my chickens before they are hatched, but I was counting eggs and trying to find room in the coop for the chickens ‘just in case’. I feel like smashing all the eggs right now.

Sorry, I’m just not in a good mood today. My BFF is on her way over soon so hopefully that will cheer me up. I don’t know what to do. Will I ever teach again? Or are people meeting me and wondering about my age? I always thought that was more of a problem in industry than academia, but maybe I’m wrong. Or is it something else? I sometimes feel like they can look at me and see that I am crazy. Is there a big sticker on my forehead?

I am so sick and tired of being unemployed. I hate this. I hate waiting. I hate today. 😦


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8 thoughts on “No Word Yet

    • I know they have read over my resume. I’ve interviewed with them. They either a) have someone else in mind, or b) decided not to fill the position at this time. There is a slight chance that I am still in the running, but I doubt it since it’s the end of the day on Thursday.

  1. The conventional wisdom in my corner of academia is that the longer you don’t hear, the better, because it means you may still be in the running. Often rejection letters are sent out almost immediately, so if you haven’t heard that yet, there’s still a chance you made it past the next level. Of course, plenty of places don’t send out rejections until the position is filled, but you don’t know whether or not they operate that way until you hear something.

    When did you interview? Hiring committees don’t act quickly, even with weekly meetings. Don’t give up hope yet!

    • I interviewed last Friday. I was supposed to hear something by Wednesday or yesterday, today at the latest. But today is nearly over on the East Coast, so I don’t know. School starts in a week. Either there was someone else or they’ve decided not to fill it. Most schools I’ve applied to don’t send out the rejection letters until they’ve filled the position. I haven’t gotten a phone call or an email yet but I’ve pretty much given up on it. Now it will be a long hard road until next year’s jobs open up. I’m particular too – I want a teaching university, not a research one. Just give me a classroom and some students please!

      I want to know where I am going wrong in these interviews. I used to get the job if I could get the interview, now I’ve failed how many times? What’s the difference? Hypomania. Really, I want to quit my antipsychotic and let the Paxil take over. I’m sick of failure.

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