30 Days of Creativity: Day 16

It’s been a long time since I last did a 30 Days of Creativity post.  What I am showing you today are a couple of cards that I made with a friend of mine.  I originally did them as thank you cards (fortunately I didn’t stamp the inside) for my awesome doctors in case I got the teaching job I had applied for, which we now know better.  Never count your chickens before they are hatched!  Oh well, lesson learned.

These are a couple of basic cards (I’m a basic girl) that were stamped with House Mouse stamps and then colored with colored pencils.

  This is one way to make a small stamp work on a big (in this case, standard) size card.  Another method for doing this is to make a border by layering the small stamp piece onto a larger piece of card stock (or more than one for a multi-border look) before mounting it on the card.  Since the original is almost square, I decided to do this as an off-center piece.  The multilayer look works better for wider stamp images and then you can put it on to the card oriented in the other direction, or whichever way works best for the card.  (If it’s a tall stamp, then by all means, use the tall direction!)


For this second card, I stamped directly on to the card itself.  I prefer this method with larger stamps, even though it is a risk.  In this case, part of the foot and tail didn’t stamp properly, but I went over the lines with an extra fine marker, and personally, I can’t tell the difference without looking closely.  Although the picture doesn’t really look it, I stamped the card on ivory cardstock, then I had to color the ice cube with a white colored pencil to make it stand out.  I was surprised that it actually worked!  There is a very slight difference, but I like the look.  The other thing I did was to tear apart a cotton swab in order to get the “fluff” to glue onto the card.  The photo doesn’t show it, but there is a drawing of the fluff under the cotton, so it’s like an outline for where to put your glue.  This gives the card a little bit of a 3-D look.  Those who are more ambitious than I would go and make the mice and pills 3-D but I find that to be too much work.  These cards took me over two hours to create.  It’s a fun but expensive and time-consuming hobby!  It’s more fun if you have a friend to do it with too.

Just as an aside, if you plan on making a 3-D card to mail, then take it to the post office.  Often the extra “bulk” will make the card cost more to mail.

I hope you enjoyed today’s creativity post!


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