September 11: A Day for Heroes

Photograph by Spencer Platt, Getty Images

Last year I wrote about my memories of the September 11 attacks.  Last night I watched a television special on the September 11 attacks.  The show was called 9/11: HEROES OF THE 88th FLOOR.  Two men, Frank De Martini and Pablo Ortiz, who worked on the 88th floor of the North Tower took it upon themselves to help others evacuate the upper floors of the tower.  They only had flashlights, radios and a crowbar at their disposal.  They rescued a total of 77 people from the upper floors of the Tower.  You can watch some of the program for yourself by streaming it from TLC website.

It was a humbling experience to watch this TV special.  I can’t imagine what I would actually do in a situation like that.  Would I panic?  Or would I be like Frank and take control of the situation?

No one who went to work in the Towers that morning expected to become a hero.  There are 77 people alive today thanks to two heroes in the North Tower on September 11.  Frank and Pablo gave their lives for others.  A selfless act that we can all appreciate.

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