Missed Again

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I confess, I had another job interview a few weeks ago. I didn’t tell anyone about it (well, only 2 or 3 local friends) because I (superstitiously) thought that if I didn’t tell anyone and no one crossed their fingers for me, that it might actually work out. I was wrong. Maybe I needed the finger crossing after all.

I found out about the job because of friend of mine works there.  She told me that her boss was saying I was at the top of her list (for at least a week) but then her boss clammed up about the job search.  I think that was the point that I was no longer at the top.  I found out today for sure (from my friend) that I didn’t get the job.  They gave it to a guy.  The office is mostly female, so I wonder if the person in charge was encouraged to hire a male for the position.  The vicious part of me hopes this guy doesn’t work out.  They’ve already gone through two people for this position in the last year and a half.  Maybe that’s a sign that it wasn’t the right job for me anyway.

I’ve got another lead, though it might not work out.  It’s kind of stretching what I know, but it’s worth a try.  Hell, most anything is worth a try.  My dad suggested McDonalds… so maybe not anything.  Starbucks has crossed my mind, but I don’t know how well I would do at a food service job.  It might send me over the edge again.  I have thought about a bank teller job.  Counting out money all day long – go me.  There’s nothing wrong with these jobs, except that I have a fucking PhD and I’m so over qualified for most things that it isn’t funny.  Walmart isn’t going to hire a PhD, not that I’d want to work there anyway.  My options are so slim.  No, I need a new field.  How do I go about doing that?

The work environment of my last job was so horrible that it cost me my mental health.  I still feel like a failure because I couldn’t handle it.  I know that most people couldn’t handle those personalities but that doesn’t make me feel any better.  I was feeling abused there and it triggered all sorts of PTSD for me.  I needed out, just not the way it was handled.  I needed to look for a job so much sooner.  See how I can berate myself for everything?

Anyway, that’s the latest in my unemployment saga.  I hope something else comes along soon.


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8 thoughts on “Missed Again

  1. I totally understand about being overqualified. At one point I just wanted to shout “Give me a job, I just want to eat!” If it helps, the job I currently have I was passed over for the first time. The guy they hired lasted 8 months, was awful, and quit. The next time I interviewed, I got it.

    Though sometimes I wonder how long I can stay. It’s a library job, and yet has a food service component with a coffee shop that certain library assistants (hired after a certain date) have to work one morning a week (that has stretched out longer and longer over time – now it’s open till one.) It was okay when it wasn’t busy, but it just got really busy and I can’t keep up. My anxiety made me break down last time . I switched shifts, but it may still be too much.

    Um, that was a rant, sorry. I know you need a job, and I wish you luck. It’s just just hard when you have the monkeys we do on your back.

    • I just found out through the grapevine that the guy they hired for the position wasn’t more qualified than me, but he is male. This place has a large female presence and they felt they needed a man for this role.

      It’s OK if you need to rant. It’s interesting and I’m just starting to investigate your blog. (Love the work stuff by the way!) I wish you luck with dealing with the anxiety. Food service is stressful – I think of it the way I think of cooking and I hate that too. DH says being a waiter is like being in a room full of people who think they are dying but aren’t.

      I need a reduced-stress job but where am I going to find that? When I was younger I imagined myself holed up in an office working away at scientific problems for the rest of my life. It never occurred to me that I might become an experimentalist or worse yet – a social creature! I think I would drive myself nuts sitting in an office all day long, not working with other people at all. But other people can be the bane of your existence. My last job was proof of that. 😦

      • Yeah, I’m not sure if there is a job without stress. I love the “room full of people who think they are dying but aren’t.” Hilarious. One of the blogs I follow – I can’t remember the name, I will have to find it – is the rants of a waiter and they are so funny.

        Is your DH a waiter still? My DH works as a mechanic for the city, and his job is really annoying too, but he does love cars. And junk.

        Keep at it. The way I figured it while I was job hunting was that if I kept at it long enough maybe I’d tire them out and they’d finally hire me. It might have actually worked too.

    • Thanks. I’m trying. Really, Walmart and McDonalds are off my list. Unless it’s a choice between that and eating dirt three times a day. (Or losing health insurance…)

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