Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

(c) Manic Monday 2012

This week’s Photo Challenge is Solitary.  I thought about all the pictures I have of people in solitary situations, but I decided upon this one because animals can be solitary as well.  This is a poison dart frog at the local zoo.  If you are lucky enough to see the little critters, they are often times alone (except during mating season).

Solitary is often considered to be a sad situation, but that it not necessarily so.  This little guy is probably quite happy that he (or she?) doesn’t have to share the rock with other frogs.  Sitting on a rock, staring off into the sunset or whatever happens to be before you can be quite relaxing.  So next time you are feeling solitary and sad, just think of this little frog. 🙂

Image captured at ISO 200, f6.3, 250mm, 1/60s


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