My best friend is a Cop

My best friend is a Cop.  You wouldn’t know it to look at her.  She is a pretty blue-eye blond lady in her mid-twenties.  She is one of the sweetest people I know.  She always says sorry for things that aren’t her fault, and she’ll do anything she can to help you out.

But there is another side of her.  The cop side.  A side I’ve never really seen.

She took me to a movie tonight called End of Watch.  If violence triggers you, then DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE.  If, however, you can handle the violence (or cover your eyes like I did at some points) then it’s a very good movie. And from what my friend tells me, pretty realistic.  People really do some crazy shit.  I don’t know if most cops swear that much.  I can’t imagine the f-word coming out of her mouth every sentence or so, but this movie is based on LAPD, cops who work some the most gang-infested areas of the country.  There’s probably a little more f-bombing there than in small town middle-America.

I know she carries a concealed Glock when we go out to the mall or to dinner.  I just don’t think about it.  She even stopped by my house one time in her uniform (not dress blues) with full gear on – vest and a Batman-like belt containing a walkie-talkie, gun, flashlight and who knows what else.  Knowing it was her was a little less intimidating than being pulled over by a police officer for speeding.  (I am very easily intimidated by people in positions of authority.)

I confess I was a little freaked out by the movie.  Seeing it on the big screen means it’s big and bold and in your face.  The entire movie is shot as if it was done by a video camera.  In fact, the premise is that one of the cops is videoing everything for a class project he’s working on.  But the movie makes you think about what our policemen and policewomen go through each and every day.  It might be a boring day of writing tickets, or you might find yourself discovering a dead body or a meth lab.

I told her afterwards that I am afraid for her.  She said not to worry, she is Orozco (played by America Ferrera) the tough, street-wise police woman who knows how to handle herself.  I should also tell her that I am proud of her for putting up with the strung-out druggies, and locking away the bad guys.

I am proud to call her my best friend.

7 thoughts on “My best friend is a Cop

    • I wasn’t sure I was going to like the movie but I went for her sake. It was really engaging. Afterwards, she turned to me and said, “Welcome to my world.” It was then that it sort of struck me that this is what she goes through daily. She works really hard, she has to do things for her job on her days off (like get the oil changed in the patrol car or go to court) and gets paid a pittance. I’ve always respected the police (it’s amazing how many people don’t) but I have even more respect for cops now that I know one.

      • The authority figure thing doesn’t come from run ins with the law. But, I do really respect cops. They have never really bothered me, and most of them are just trying to do their job like the rest of us. I’m glad for them.

        Actually, it was a police officer that helped my family clean the porch up a little after the car wrecked into the house. I remember that!

  1. I have a ton of respect for police; I know I could never do that job. It is such a dangerous job these days, and they never know when someone is desperate enough to assault or shoot them. I can see how officers might develop an “us against the world” attitude over time.

    • My friend is still a rookie, and she loves her job. It really is a dangerous job to have although she has been lucky to work mostly on the “good” side of town so far.

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