October and DV

Yes, I realize today is the last day of the month, but I have to talk about this. One thing I didn’t write about this month is that October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. I thought about writing it. I thought about it almost every day, but I didn’t write. This is a topic close to my heart but still I didn’t write.

The reason why this topic is close to my heart is that I spent 7 years in an abusive relationship. He would mentally, emotionally and physically abuse me. I left him on St. Patrick’s Day and never looked back. Someday I would like to write about it in detail, but even after 16 years of freedom, it’s still difficult to talk about sometimes. Someday, when I’m ready, I will tell you all my story.

I know today is Halloween and people are gearing up for trick-or-treating and other fun activities, but please take a moment to think about the abuse that women (and men) are dealing with every day. One in four women have or will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Nearly three out of four Americans will know someone who is or has been a victim. You already know one. You know me.

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