Catch Up!

I’ve been ignoring my blog lately, and really for no good reason other than things constantly seem to be busy lately.  I’ve got several posts queued up in my head, but none of them written.  For example, there’s a goodbye to Hostess’ SnoBalls, a photocontest, my husband’s half marathon, and my Dad comes in tonight for the holiday.  I’ll try to write these up as I can.

As for today… well, Dad called me during his layover, told me he was going for a walk, then said he would call me back before he left.  Well, his flight is en route, so either he forgot to call or he missed it and I haven’t heard yet.  I hope he just didn’t get a chance to call.  How I would get a missed flight sorted out long distance is beyond me.  So let’s hope he’s on the flight.  I’ll know in another hour and a half.

Well, I’m a little hypomanic-y at the moment, and I am dying to get a few minutes of video gaming in before I have to leave for the airport, so I am going to sign off for now.  (I’m too unfocused to write anyway.)
*hugs* to all!



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