Still Not Writing

Nope. Not writing here. Not writing in my fancy color coded, stickery journal either. Lots o’ stuff has happened lately. We had a holiday and everything. Even got the Christmas lights up. But am I writing? Nope. Do I feel like writing? Not really. No excuse. Just… not… writing. And Ruby even gave me an out on writing up the Compassionate Brain series for Canvas. So, not writing there either, even though I did make a half-assed commitment.

Is what I am doing now writing? Not really. It’s stream of consciousness verbal spillage. And it’s going to stop now because I am tired and I have too many damn things to do tomorrow. Will I write tomorrow? We’ll see. I’m making no more promises. I don’t want to back down from them like I have with the Compassionate Brain series.

No promises… but I wonder… will you read once I write again?