Me? A Good Sub?

OK, this has come up twice now, so I thought I should blog about it. Last week a student at the end of class said, “You’re a good sub.” He was a very nice kid as he helped with attendance and then put up most of the chairs in the room (last class of the day for that teacher). I said thank you and told him he was a good student. As for internalizing the compliment… well, it was all disbelief. Why would he say that I was a good sub? The class was average, my attitude was average (for me) and by average, I mean I had to raise my voice but I didn’t send anyone to the principal’s office. So why me? I discussed this in therapy today. My therapist asked why would he tell you that if he didn’t mean it? I’m sort of stumped on that one.

Then there was today. For my last class, a girl came up to me at the beginning and said, “Ms. Monday, you are my favorite sub. Can I have a hug?” I was shocked (again) and I gave her a hug. It wasn’t until later, when I was telling my husband about it, that he pointed out that maybe I wasn’t supposed to hug her. Maybe it is against school rules. Now I am going to worry about that all weekend. So I was having a great day until that little worry came up. Now I don’t know what to think. Hopefully it won’t be a problem, otherwise I’m out of another job.

Oh well. I’ve still been complimented on being a good sub twice now in the past few weeks. A few more times, and I might believe it. Maybe I was meant to teach secondary school after all.

3 thoughts on “Me? A Good Sub?

    • Thanks! I appreciate hearing it from someone other than my therapist. I guess I’m just a pessimist and wary of other people’s motives. I also have a difficult time accepting compliments, but it is something I am working on.

  1. Don’t worry about the hug – that’s just catastrophizing. Our society has gone off the deep end with “protecting” children and trusting no one. Not a bad idea to check with school rules, though – explain that the kid asked for a hug and you weren’t certain what protocol is. Nothing suspicious or worrisome about that. Seriously.

    I also agree, the kids have no reason to lie to you at all. Think about their basis for comparison: what is average to you is “good” to them – so you’re really not so average. You manage to keep order, and that’s HUGE. I can’t remember how many subs really did nothing but sit in the front of the room while the class went wild.

    And a girl wanted a hug because you’re her favorite sub? That’s AWESOME! Go you!

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