30 Days of Creativity: Day 2


I suspected this trip might involve card-making because the friend I was spending time with last night is really into this hobby.  I like it, and I have plenty of materials, but I’m not always creative.  In fact, one of these cards (the white one) took some help from my friend. 😦  Oh well, exercising your creativity is what this project is all about, right?

Card-making is much like quilting – it’s best done in groups.  You bounce ideas off each other and try new things in the process.  All cards are stamped using rubber stamps – I did not draw these pictures!  All stamped images are copyrighted by their creators.

Snoopy is a copyrighted image from Peanuts, (c) Charles Schultz

This first card I made for my husband.  He is a huge Snoopy and the Red Baron fan.  I found the stamp on clearance a long time ago and just now got around to making the card for him.  Being the Ace of Diamonds card, I figured that red had to be in the card somewhere so I made the background diamond red.  Snoopy usually has a red scarf, but that would have been too much red.  I found a few images where his scarf is yellow.  I threw in the green for extra color.  Then I wanted to put blue on it, but how to do that?  My friend suggested making the background blue and I think it came out quite nice.  Using a corner rounder kind of makes the image look like a playing card.  I gave the card to my husband this morning (with a romantic note) and he loved it!  🙂

The image is copyrighted by House Mouse Designs (R)

This second card I actually made a few weeks ago, but I thought I would share it with you.  I made it for my Dad’s birthday.  The center image is made with a House Mouse Designs(R) stamp – I believe the mouse is named Monica.  The stamp is so cute and I couldn’t resist using it, so I tried to make the card look a little more masculine with the checkerboard pattern and the dark card.  I’ve also got a strip of the same green paper lining the inside of the card for continuity.

  Lastly, I made this card last night.  On the left you see the cover of the card, and on the right you see the inside of the card.  The pictures may look awkward, but I can assure you that the final product doesn’t.  My friend had the pink and purple papers and came up with the idea to use them as backgrounds for my stamps.  The trick to getting the blending of colors on the stamps is to use a multicolored stamp pad.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at centering my stamped images within the punch out.  So I decided that if I used the background papers, I wasn’t going to center them because I thought it would draw attention to the fact that they aren’t centered (like the butterfly on the right).  This card was very simple to make.  I used two different sized round punches – a smaller one for the images and a larger one for the background papers.  I did stamp the image first, then punch it.  It should have made the images more centered, but I think this backfired in my case.  Next time I make a card like this, I will try punching the cardstock first, then stamping it.  The top image was just stamped on plain cardstock, then cut out and glued on to the card.  I arranged all the background papers into a pattern that I liked, then glued them all down.  And that’s all there is to it!

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