30 Days of Creativity: Day 16

Another card!

Stamp image copyright House Mouse Designs(R)

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a 30 Days of Creativity post but then I haven’t been feeling very creative lately. This is a card that I made for my husband. The photo is not so good (slightly out of focus, I fear) but the battery died on my camera and I couldn’t take another one right away. Anyway, I think you get the idea.

This is another House Mouse stamp, one that belongs to a friend of mine. The reason why the mice look so lumpy, is because they are covered in flock, and that really doesn’t translate well in a photo. What is flock? Flock is made up a tiny fibers, so that when you glue it down, the image becomes fuzzy. So if you were to touch the card, it would be fuzzy! It’s difficult to get the image to be fine in the flock department, so it looks a little lumpy. 😦 Overall, flock is fun! 🙂

The image itself was square, and I put a border on it (another sheet of blue, cut larger than the original and glued to the back) but square does not center well on rectangle. So I decided to put it off center and then do something along the side to make it look balanced. I wasn’t sure what to put along the side, however. Then I found this squiggle punch. (I have one just like it and love it!) So I punched out squiqqles and glued them down along the edge. I was going for random, but when you are going for random, you often don’t end up with it – it’s just the nature of the human brain. Ultimately, I just wanted it to look good.

It’s not my best card-making effort, nor is it my best photography, but it is cute and it served it’s purpose. Just a little support card for my husband. I want him to know how much I love him and support him and giving a hand-made card is one way of accomplishing that task. He loves whatever I make for him, and I love him for that – and a million other reasons!

If you ever want to make a card with flock, just contact me. I have suggestions that may help. 🙂

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