30 Days of Thanks: Day 1

I saw this on Carla’s page and thought I would give it a go as well.  I have no plans to abandon 30 Days of Creativity, as I am having a lot of fun with that but events of yesterday have put into perspective how important it may be for me to run this project.  It may well also help with my depression.

So you may be wondering, what happened yesterday?  Well, I went and did my normal shopping run at Walmart.  I put my groceries in the car and returned the cart.  But my mind must have been elsewhere because I left my purse in the cart.  I didn’t discover this until I got home.  My purse, with my wallet, phone and spare meds… all missing.  I looked all over the car.  I drove back to Walmart.  It wasn’t in the cart return.  I went inside and waited in line at customer service.  It felt like it took forever!

I asked if anyone had turned in a black leather purse and they produced it immediately.  My iPhone was still there.  I opened my wallet to show them my ID.  All my cards were still there.  I didn’t have any cash, so there wasn’t any to lose.  (I am canceling my credit cards, just in case.)  Everyone around me was so happy for me.  The ladies behind the counter and the lady behind me in line.  I just kept saying thank you.  One of the employees told me she knew the customer who turned it in – a nice fellow with a baby.  No recrimination like you might find in some parts of the country.  I’ve been saying thank you all day.

The weirdest part was that even though I couldn’t find my purse when I got home, I didn’t panic.  Somehow I felt that it would be alright. And if it wasn’t, well, at least I could get a new driver’s license picture.  (How’s that for bizarre?)

Anyway, here’s a shout-out thanks to the man with the baby who found my purse! 🙂


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